Manufacturing Steel Wall Frames & Roof Trusses
for Western Australia since 1996

Frametec offers premium-quality steel wall frames to clients in Perth and beyond.

Frametec fabricates steel roof trusses that are built to Australian codes and standards.

Frametec has built a successful business on the fabrication of frames and trusses that can withstand cyclonic conditions.

Whether your project is commercial, residential or industrial, our team can supply a wide range of building components.

Steel Fabricators Perth

The team of contractors and fabricators at Frametec are dedicated to providing high-quality fabrication services to builders and owner-builders in Western Australia. We supply steel wall frames and roof trusses to the Western Australian market as well as those in cyclonic-rated zones like our North West.

All of our frames and roof trusses are manufactured using an innovative self-piercing riveting system and engineered in line with Australian framing standards.

Our self-piercing riveting system:

  • Faster than traditional methods such as welding and Tek screws
  • Doesn’t generate any harmful fumes
  • Sets the rivet flush with the frame, leaving a cleaner finish
  • Reduces damage to pre-coated materials

Our fabrication services include:

  • Steel wall frames
  • Roof trusses
  • Cyclone-rated projects
  • Light fabrication by consultation




Termite Resistant

Why Choose Our Steel Frames and Trusses?

There are a few factors that make our steel frames and trusses the most desired option for construction companies across Australia

  • Incredible durability- our frames and trusses are built to last
  • The fabrication process is environmentally friendly
  • Non-toxic for both our team and your home
  • Our frames and trusses are fire-resistant
  • Can be engineered to meet specific BAL zones
  • Can be engineered to perform exceptionally in harsh environments


Contact us today to chat with our team of steel fabricators and we’ll answer any questions you have.



Another advantage to us using a self-piercing riveting system is that the process of fabrication is much faster. This means that once we’ve begun working on your project, we can get your finished product to you much sooner than if we had to use other fabrication methods.



Built to withstand cyclonic conditions, we fabricate our steel roof trusses to be incredibly durable and perform well in harsh conditions. They’re also completely fireproof, making them a worthwhile investment.