Products & Services


Frametec manufactures steel wall frames and roof trusses for builders, owner-builders and renovators across the state. The efficiency of installation and erection saves cost and building time. As light weight construction materials, they are ideal for renovations such as second storey additions.

Steel framed homes allow for a wide range of external claddings, such as brick veneer, which gives your home an individual finish.

Roof Trusses

We fabricate roof trusses for builders and owner-builders across Western Australia. They can be engineered to withstand cyclonic conditions and sent overseas or inter-state.

Steel Wall Frames

Our steel wall frames are fabricated using a self-piercing riveting system, preventing corrosion and creating a neat finish. These light weight frames can be easily and efficiently installed, making them ideal for second storey additions.

Cyclone Rated Fabrications

Frametec fabricate frames and trusses capable of withstanding cyclonic conditions. We use self-piercing rivets to ensure a strong, reliable result.

Light Fabrication

Our experienced staff can fabricate many other steel components for the building process including:
– Steel Sub-Floor Framing
– Steel Beams
– Columns & Posts for Verandas & Decking

Fabrication Process

Frametec uses a self-piercing riveting system during the fabrication process. Designed and installed by Henrob, this system has many benefits over traditional welding methods. It prevents corrosion, sits flush with the frame’s surface and is engineered to withstand the harshest regions (including cyclonic zones).